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World of Wood Flooring is founded by foresters with professional academic training. Its members are professionally trained in various parts of the world including the United States of America, Malaysia and China. The team travels extensively in the forests, plantations and orchards of the world gaining valuable experience and insight into the matters of manufacturing, conservation and the use of renewable natural resources. Our focus is on wood flooring and wood flooring only - with exotics as our specialty.

World of Wood Flooring designs, develops and innovates flooring products that make sense for and perform correctly in the North American market. Our Team then assists our suppliers in developing and implementing the correct production and in-line process quality control systems to provide the ongoing quality our flooring is well known for. Only then do we package these offerings up with exciting marketing aids that branded World of Wood Flooring for the designer's choice. We provide the logistic and pre- and post-sale support necessary to launch and service these products successfully in the North American market.

Over the years, World of Wood Flooring has developed many innovative "programs", each of which addresses a specific segment of the wood flooring industry.


World of Wood Flooring
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6060 Boat Rock Blvd, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30036 USA
Phone 1-404-637-1960   Fax 1-404-637-1961
Main Website www.WorldOfWoodFlooring.com   

Warehouse: Atlanta, GA

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